Teatro de Belomonte

Behind the two red doors that open onto the street there is a Theatre.
Inside, white surfaces hide the salt stained walls of an old drugstore – visible only where the discovery of an arch suggested the scenic dimension of a small museum. Behind the stage are the dexterous hands that give life to the marionettes.
When the lights fade, the stage lights up and the figures begin to grow in our eyes, magic happens. Little by little the size of the small room is becoming imprecise, between the marionettes and the diffuse perception of our own dimension.
At the exit, the foyer space is already different. And even the two red doors give us a strangely different street.
It is the meeting between space and the pulsations of its own scale.
José Gigante

Capacity: 41 seats

Construction: 1992

Arquitect: José Manuel Gigante

National Architecture Awards: Honorable Mention, AAP / SEC Award – “Work of Recovery, Rehabilitation”