Polo Marionetas do Porto / Quinta de Bonjóia

The creation of this space at “Quinta de Bonjóia”, functions as an out-of-doors museum, with a one-year temporary exhibition. The inaugural exhibition CINDERELA ends in February 2018.
In this way, the “Marionetas do Porto” embrace through their work an area of the most needy and distant city of the Historical Center, place where is the headquarters and the Museum.

About the Exhibition
This is not a traditional Cinderella, but a Cinderella crossed with characters from other fairy tales.
Puppets, objects and history integrate the exhibition and allow the contact and discovery of the contemporary puppet.
Cinderella is an emblematic piece of the company’s repertoire, written and staged by João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010), with illustrations by João Vaz de Carvalho.