abril, 2020

08abr(abr 8)00:0012(abr 12)00:00Wonderland (+12) - online


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WONDERLAND is Alice’s dream dreamt by us. We go along with her, walking through the bright forest, full of fears and secrets, we invent paths that were not there before and we leave Alice lost. When Alice asks the cat: “Which way I ought to go from here?” the Cat answers: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”.
We feel then that the dream made up by Carroll for his beloved Alice slightly touches our reality. And when Alice, in her initiation path, reaches the Queen´s wonderful white rose garden, we snap our fingers so that her dream (and ours) ends at the right moment. Happy ending?

I mark this day with a white stone (from Lewis Carroll´s diary)


8 (Quarta) 00:00 - 12 (Domingo) 00:00


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto


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