dezembro, 2018

19dez(dez 19)10:3022(dez 22)16:00 Staged Readings BICHOS DO BOSQUE (3+) | Polo Marionetas do Porto/Quinta da Bonjóia


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Staged Readings BICHOS DO BOSQUE (3+) | 19 to 22 of december
Quinta de Bonjóia
Rua de Bonjóia, 484 Porto
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10:30 am and 3 pm;
Saturday 4 pm
+ Info – 222 089 175 |

In the woods there are, who knows, maybe a thousand trees.
And the wind in the leaves, blowing back and forth,
seems to whisper, once upon a time…
… Some animals speaking animalese:
there was a soft-hearted crocodile
and a snail-meter;
there was also a squirrel and a cricket
and a beaver that could be a doctor if he were human
and a crow pretending to be a singer
and an ill-tempered dwarf
and also Teixeira, the badger,
plus big bear and his cub,
a little mouse that was a scooter champion,
and a very flirtatious caterpillar.
Animals in the woods are just like us,
They are more or less like us;
They say as we say: Hello how are you?
They don’t look like it but they have a lifetime, they have a heart,
They feel homesick, they have memory, they are characters
of a story similar to life.


19 (Quarta) 10:30 - 22 (Sábado) 16:00


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