setembro, 2018

28set21:30PELOS CABELOS (3+) - FOMe - Faro


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Pelos Cabelos (m/3) – 28 September – 9:30 p.m. – Teatro Lethes
FOMe (Festival de Objectos e Marionetas)

Inspired by the illustrations of João Vaz de Carvalho named Pelos Cabelos (Hair Hairs), Teatro de Marionetas do Porto has created a performance inhabited by unusual characters with an absent-minded and hallucinated gaze. Humor and the absurd merge in this performance, providing us with yet another experience where marionettes abound. In Pelos Cabelos (Hair Hairs), performers and marionettes are inhabitants of a place located somewhere; an “Out There”, a distant, almost extraterrestrial place.


(Sexta) 21:30


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