maio, 2019

25mai21:30Nunca (3+) - Alter do Chão | Alter CulturfestCasa do Álamo


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More than a hundred years have passed since the well-known adventures in Neverland. Peter Pan went to
live in London with Wendy. They got married, had children and the years went by… In this possible present time
there is a teenage boy called Nunca (Never) by his parents and we will never know why…
Nunca is a descendant of Peter Pan, in fact, his great-grandson. His destiny is to rescue Neverland from the
dark age it has fallen into since Peter Pan left. This time the villain is Captain Fork, the grandson of Captain Hook,
who took his grandfather’s place years after he was eaten by a huge crocodile that was rarely late.
Will Nunca bring back the balance of all magic to Neverland, with the help of some unusual companions?

may 25 – 9.30 pm


(Sábado) 21:30


Casa do Álamo

7440-049 Alter do Chão


Município de Alter do Chão

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