abril, 2020

22abr(abr 22)00:0026(abr 26)00:00Miséria (+16) - online


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This show is based on a folk tale.

Miséria (Misery) is a poor blacksmith who cheats Death and is therefore sentenced to live forever.

“And then Death spoke as she stood on the top of the walnut, and made an agreement with the old man: spare him his life as long as the world existed. The old man agreed and Death came down from the walnut. Therefore there will be Misery in the world as long as the Earth exists.”
(folk tale)

“What is amazing in this show is the game between what belongs to the marionettes and what belongs to the actor himself, a manipulator and an interpreter at the same time… The perfection of things, as Cesário Verde would say. There isn’t much to be said about a show like this one. A masterpiece in marionette theatre genre, a masterpiece of theatre.”
(Carlos Porto, Jornal de Letras)


22 (Quarta) 00:00 - 26 (Domingo) 00:00


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto


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