setembro, 2020

12set16:00Lições de Voo (+3) - PombalTeatro-Cine de Pombal


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Lições de Voo (Flying Lessons) is the title of an illustration series by João Vaz de Carvalho, which will be used to create this homonymous performance. The idea follows the collaborative experience of 2013 in Pelos Cabelos (Hair Hairs), which proved itself to be very challenging.
This performance for two actors with marionettes and half marionettes has the desire to fly as a motto, the secret human desire to attain the unattainable.
A recurrent poetics in the director’s work: she has been travelling and exploring that territory in a wide variety of formats. And it’s been by the experience of multidisciplinarity that the marionettes became so inspiring for her, and a matter of interest capable of responding to her creative drive.
Lições de Voo is a creation for an audience aged three and older about the poetics of air, of dreams and of flying, in a special place where everyone can experience the body in its imponderability and the suspension and excitement of taking off.
Lições de Voo is our journey with the audience to a place where we are all people/birds of the wind.


(Sábado) 16:00


Teatro-Cine de Pombal

Praça Manuel Henriques Júnior, 3100-500 Pombal




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