junho, 2019

29jun17:00Kitsune (12+) - Fundão | Feira Ibérica de Teatro do FundãoOctógono do Fundão


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Death is forgotten in the fast pace of everyday life, in the turning away from nature, especially in large urban centers; this reality is hidden away making it something that, although inevitable, apparently can be constantly postponed.
In big cities more and more people die alone.
From the reflection on death inevitably comes also a reflection on life, on being alive and on the ancient ritual of finding and accepting death as part of the natural cycle.
This project aims to be a compliment to life, to the reunion with simplicity, to playing, to loving, to the pleasure found in small daily tasks, to remembering without regrets and to calm, but also to redeeming the possibility of saying goodbye.
Looking death in the eye, serving her a hot soup and giving her your hand.

june 29 – 5 pm


(Sábado) 17:00


Octógono do Fundão

R. dos Três Lagares 36-48 6230-378 Fundão



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