abril, 2020

01abr00:0005(abr 5)00:00História da Praia Grande (+4) - online


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On the beach of a distant sea, a frontier of black rocks separates two territories. A colony of penguins lives on the west side, a colony of pelicans lives on the east side. The relation between these two peoples is not peaceful, and one day a terrible war starts. The young penguin Matias, a rebel spirit, and his pelican friend Gabriel, who is deeply in love, begin a journey in search of the gold-headed fish.
A magical enigma finally solved and seven days of hunger lead eventually to a peace agreement between the leaders of the two colonies: Emperor Penguin and Royal Pelican. A wonderful party takes place in Praia Grande and Gabriel meets his beloved again. A love story in wartime.
This story is a tribute to peace.


1 (Quarta) 00:00 - 5 (Domingo) 00:00


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto


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