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10out(out 10)10:0014(out 14)16:00FRÁGIL (3+) | Teatro Carlos Alberto - PortoTeatro Carlos Alberto


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FRÁGIL (3+) | 10 to 14 October
Teatro Carlos Alberto – included in the FIMP’18 programme
Rua das Oliveiras, 43 Porto
Wednesday to Friday 10 am and 3 pm; Saturday 7 pm; Sunday 4 pm
+ Info – 223 401 910 | bilheteira@tnsj.pt

Sometimes a thing is not what it is.
Sometimes things like being other things, for instance, they like being similar to people. They like moving, laughing, liking and not liking.
People/things and things/people are good for telling stories.
In the Fragile world, there are small and big stories. Things want to be taken to places they don’t know, and they make short and long journeys.
In the Fragile world, there are people/things looking for things/people. There are secrets left untold, there are secrets to be told, there is an open and closed universe. There are things coming out of other things. In the Fragile world, rules are not ordinary, they are imaginary!


10 (Quarta) 10:00 - 14 (Domingo) 16:00


Teatro Carlos Alberto

Rua das Oliveiras, 43, Porto


Teatro Nacional São João


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