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25jan(jan 25)21:3004fev(fev 4)16:00FAUSTO (12+) | Teatro de Belomonte - PortoTeatro de Belomonte


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FAUSTO (12+) | 25 January to 4 February
Teatro de Belomonte
Rua de Belomonte, 57 Porto
Thursday to Saturday 9:30 pm; Sunday 4 pm
+ Info – 222 089 175 | teatro@marionetasdoporto.pt

Faust is the protagonist of a popular German legend, of a pact with the devil. Faust is a poem of epic proportions, which recounts the tragedy of Dr. Faust, a man of science who, disillusioned with the knowledge of his time, makes a pact with the demon Mephistopheles, which fills him with satanic energy full of passion for technique and for progress. In this adaptation, the classic meets contemporaneity where the time is timeless.
This project arises from the desire of Roberto Merino to pay homage to João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010), founder of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto. It was with great pleasure that we accepted this challenge, also wanting Teatro de Marionetas do Porto to celebrate, in this way, the 40 years of theatrical activity in Portugal of this Chilean creator, based in the city of Porto.
A special thanks to all the crowdfunding supporters of this creation.


Janeiro 25 (Quinta) 21:30 - Fevereiro 4 (Domingo) 16:00


Teatro de Belomonte

Rua de Belomonte, 57, Porto, Portugal


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

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