abril, 2020

29abr(abr 29)00:0003mai(mai 3)00:00Cinderela (+3) - online


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This is not a traditional Cinderella. There is a somewhat anachronic rewriting of the traditional story, from the versions of Perrault and Grimm. Characters from other fairy tales fall from the sky to make Cinderella’s life difficult. There is a Bad Witch who hates stories with a happy ending and a Big Bad Wolf disguised as a policeman, patrolling the forest roads. The Seven Dwarves are called to save Cinderella from inevitable death, as specialists in the techniques for saving poisoned young ladies. The Fairy Godmother is an irascible socialite and settles a score with the Bad Witch in a wrestling combat. In the end, Cinderella really marries the Prince and they have lots of children to everybody’s relief.


Abril 29 (Quarta) 00:00 - Maio 3 (Domingo) 00:00


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

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