maio, 2020

06mai(mai 6)00:0010(mai 10)00:00Cabaret Molotov (+12) - online


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Circus and marionettes draw closer in the poetics of flight; the marionettes unsubdued to the laws of gravity, the circus artists defying gravity. An intermittent aerial life unites the marionette and the trapeze artist.
Cabaret Molotov is a performance that arises from experimental work in which we try to bring our way of making theatre closer to a certain circus related poetics.
This creation also reflects an approach to musical theatre with marionettes, a form of theatre which was very popular in Europe in the 1950’s.
Therefore, this cabaret is a melancholic one, inspired in our memories but enlightened by our contemporary vision of both theatre and the world.
In Cabaret Molotov, there are wandering chorus girls in love, trapeze artists, absurd clowns, one-man bands, rabbit-men, human cannonballs, cyclist bears, singing poodles, dancers moving at the sound of waltzes, tangos and polkas, tarantellas and old Kurt Weil songs.
Did Cabaret Molotov really exist or was it nothing more than a place invented by Vladimir the Russian to be the scenery of his love for the trapeze artist Matrioska?


6 (Quarta) 00:00 - 10 (Domingo) 00:00


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto


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