outubro, 2017

20out(out 20)21:3021(out 21)17:00ARCANO (16+) - Debut - FIMP | Teatro Municipal do Porto Campo Alegre


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The unusual universe of Franz Kafka is explored in ARCANE with all its dark imagery, leading the audience to the recesses of the human mind. It is a fragmented performance, which through space, the actor, the marionette and the word, seeks a balance between reality and hallucination, organic and mechanical, metaphysics and the need to solve it.
“The animal pulls the whip out of its owner’s hands and whips itself, unaware that this is just a fantasy produced by a new knot in the belt.” Franz Kafka

20th october – 9.30 pm

21th october – 5 pm 17h00

TCA- Teatro do Campo Alegre- Auditório


20 (Sexta) 21:30 - 21 (Sábado) 17:00


FIMP Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto


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