2018 – Marionetas do Porto – 30 years

FRÁGIL (3+) | 10 to 14 October
Teatro Carlos Alberto – included in the FIMP’18 programme
Rua das Oliveiras, 43 Porto
Wednesday to Friday 10 am and 3 pm; Saturday 7 pm; Sunday 4 pm
+ Info – 223 401 910 | bilheteira@tnsj.pt

Sometimes a thing is not what it is.
Sometimes things like being other things, for instance, they like being similar to people. They like moving, laughing, liking and not liking.
People/things and things/people are good for telling stories.
In the Fragile world, there are small and big stories. Things want to be taken to places they don’t know, and they make short and long journeys.
In the Fragile world, there are people/things looking for things/people. There are secrets left untold, there are secrets to be told, there is an open and closed universe. There are things coming out of other things. In the Fragile world, rules are not ordinary, they are imaginary!

QUEM SOU EU? (12+) | 19 October 9 p.m.
Teatro Campo Alegre – included in the FIMP’18 programme
Rua das Estrelas, Porto

Quem sou eu? is a project of artistic creation, inspired by the idea of self-portrait, interpreted by the actors of Marionetas do Porto and 12 people over the age of 65. This project represents a sensitive view over the population of Campanhã, of which the group of participants are part of.

Quem sou eu?

NUNCA (3+) | 17 to 25 November
Teatro de Belomonte
Rua de Belomonte, 57 Porto
Tuesday to Friday 10:30 am and 3 pm; Saturday and Sunday 4 pm
+ Info – 222 089 175 | teatro@marionetasdoporto.pt

More than a hundred years have passed since the well-known adventures in Neverland. Peter Pan went to live in London with Wendy. They got married, had children and the years went by… In this possible present time there is a teenage boy called Nunca (Never) by his parents and we will never know why…
Nunca is a descendant of Peter Pan, in fact, his great-grandson. His destiny is to rescue Neverland from the dark age it has fallen into since Peter Pan left. This time the villain is Captain Fork, the grandson of Captain Hook, who took his grandfather’s place years after he was eaten by a huge crocodile that was rarely late.
Will Nunca bring back the balance of all magic to Neverland, with the help of some unusual companions?

CINDERELA (3+) | 13 to 16 December
Teatro Municipal do Porto Campo Alegre
Rua das Estrelas, Porto
Thursday 3 pm; Friday 10:30 am and 3 pm;
Saturday and Sunday 11 am
+ Info – 226 063 000 | bilheteira.tmp@cm-porto.pt

This is not a traditional Cinderella. There is a somewhat anachronic rewriting of the traditional story, from the versions of Perrault and Grimm. Characters from other fairy tales fall from the sky to make Cinderella’s life diffcult. There is a Bad Witch who hates stories with a happy ending and a Big Bad Wolf disguised as a policeman, patrolling the forest roads. The Seven Dwarves are called to save Cinderella from inevitable death, as specialists in the techniques for saving poisoned young ladies. The Fairy Godmother is an irascible socialite and settles a score with the Bad Witch in a wrestling combat. In the end, Cinderella really marries the Prince and they have lots of children to everybody’s relief.

Museu das Marionetas do Porto is an author museum, centered on the work of João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010), director and artistic director of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto.
It’s a place of memory and future, constantly being updated. Its architectural project was created by José Gigante, who also made the project for Teatro de Belomonte, the company’s head office, still in operation.
The opening of the Museum (in 2013) celebrated the 25 years of the company. During the first 3 years the museum was located in Rua das Flores no. 22. On September 29, 2016 the museum moved to the building adjacent to the head office, in Rua de Belomonte.
Marionettes, stage props and other symbolic objects used in the performances, as well as some of its stories, are exhibited and shared in the Museum.

Museu das Marionetas do Porto

New accessibility values in the museum
Physical accessibility
virtual tour to the floor -1 for people with reduced mobility
replicated building space on floor 0
Accessibility to deaf communities
video-guide in Portuguese Sign Language
(Laredo Associação Cultural)
video-guide in Portuguese and English

Fincanciamento e Apoios

videos created by Cristiana Teixeira and Sara Esteves (Trainees of the Soares dos Reis School)